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To work with dedicated Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race finishers who want to participate in an ongoing positive collaborative dialogue with race staff and the board of directors to create the best race possible. 


Recent Letters to the Iditarod Board of Directors regarding the IOFC

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TO:  Iditarod Board of Directors

FROM:  Mike Williams, IFOC member


I am one of the mushers that really believe  in the integrity of the Iditarod race for over 40 years.  I am proud of my belt buckle that I have acquired by finishing the Last Great Race on Earth.  

I have read the issues surrounding the IFOC and Iditarod that some have spoken on behalf of the "official finishers".  I have yet to attend one of the IFOC special meetings but have been unable to due to high costs of travel and time it takes to go to the meetings.

I fully support all who have finished the race, I believe in the Iditarod which the late Joe Redington and others started, I support the Board of Directors that give their time to make sure the race happens, I fully support the sponsors that make the purse happen, the vets, volunteers, fans, and especially the checkpoints along the trail, and I respect all of the dog mushers that love, care, and respect our dogs.

I know that we do not always agree with one another, but each opinion of a person should be heard and be respected.  In looking at who is speaking for us, we need to have, at least, full participation of the finishers to make a final decision of any action we take.  I always believe in collaboration and consensus to reach a decision.  That is how we have done business in our "Qasiq" model where we close the door and come out with agreements, consensus or solutions.

I feel that I have been precluded from IFOC discussions as we have approximately 700 members strong.  I believe in all voices being heard.

My recommendations as an individual member:

1)  That all finishers are afforded to be part of the efforts;

2)  That all finishers are integral part of the Last Great Race and must be heard utilizing every means of communications;

3)  That we restructure the IFOC with a full meeting following the 2018 Iditarod.

I really appreciate the efforts of everyone to make sure that the honorable race that many started to continue.  I know that the Foraker recommended steps to take but we can only deal with all in the meeting of the minds.

Quyana cakneq (thank you very much)

Mike Williams



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